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Scottsdale Capital Advisors  (Member NASD, SIPC)

Scottsdale Capital Advisors is a fully disclosed introducing broker/dealer to Penson Financial Services Inc., a clearing firm that specializes in providing clearing services for day traders.

Scottsdale Capital Advisors  is a member of:

  • FINRA *
  • Securities Investors Protection Corp. (SIPC)
  • NASDAQ & NYSE Arca

* Membership of the above carries no direct or implied indication of Association approval of any security or service.

Scottsdale Capital Advisors provides:

  • "Direct access" trading of US equities through Scottsdale Capital Advisors' execution network
  • Service Bureau "order execution" facilities to other broker/dealers and branch offices


All accounts are covered by the Securities Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC). SIPC coverage is designed to protect customers cash balances and securities positions upon the insolvency of a Broker Dealer. SIPC will cover each seperate customer account for a maximum of $500,000 in equity, of which no more than $100,000 can be in cash. Any debit balances created through the purchase of securities in a margin account will be deducted from the equity prior to account settlement by SIPC. An explanatory brochure is available upon request or at www.sipc.org

In addition, Penson Financial Services, the clearing firm where your account will be held, has obtained additional insurance coverage. SIPC and supplemental coverage do not protect against market loss or remove market risk.

US/European Day Trading Centers

If you are a broker/dealer or run a remote trading operation then we may have the solution for you. We offer a complete package including trading system, order execution, clearing and support. For complete details go to ScottsdaleCapital.com.

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